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Pilgrims Hosting by Donation

O Bisonte has been welcoming pilgrims by donation or responsible voluntary contribution since 2013. It has been always a project closely linked to the Camino, since it´s rooted on the pilgrimage experience of Katova the hostess. We live the spirit of the Camino through solidarity, respect and care of those who come to stay in our house.

The house only has 6 beds, we like to keep a peaceful atmosphere. Two rooms are available sharing: one with 4 beds and another one with two. Please call us at +34 626766235 to make a reservation. Spanish, English and Galician are spoken.

We open from 7:00 am to offer breakfast by donation to pilgrims, even if they hadn´t slept in O Bisonte. You can book in until 18:00. Dinner is served at 19:00 pm., and we go to bed at 22:00 p.m. Pilgrims get up around 7:00 am. To wake up before 6:30 am. is not allowed, so everyone can rest.

We will invite you to dinner and breakfast. Dinner is vegetarian, with organic, bio and agro-ecological products, many from our garden, with bread and wine. For breakfast we offer coffee and tea with toasted bread and homemade jam.

Other services: We make a collective clothes washing everyday. As mentioned above, dinner and breakfast are also provided.

In O Bisonte we specially welcome:

  • Elder pilgrims.
  • Pilgrims who walk slowly and walk alone.
  • Pilgrims with physical problems, who need to rest.
  • Children: We are happy to host pilgrim families.

We welcome all those who need a break on the road to recover and/or recharge energy. You can stay for one or two extra days if needed.

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