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Our Philosophy

The Open House O Bisonte is a project of sustainable local development, considering art, culture and ecology as resources in the context of the Way of Santiago. We practise traditional pilgrims hosting. Also, we welcome other persons and even groups coming to participate in workshops or activities, in a friendly enviroment.

We do what is within our means to keep our village alive. In O Bisonte, an old house is being recuperated and given a new use, respecting its structure and aesthetics, and we believe in the repopulation of the country side so that our villages go back to being alive. In O Bison we have given a new use to a traditional house recovering its structure and aesthetic, in which we have integrated our paintings and other artistic expressions. Thus, our house is singular and full of color.

In our land, we reforest with native trees, maintain an organic farm and our own hens. We also grow Shiitake (Lentinula edodes). We love to eat our own vegetables, and if it is not possible, the criteria to look for food are: to choose the season, local and ecological products. Also, we avoid plastics and the unnecessary consumming. We prioritise our neighbours, responsable consumming, cooperatives and fair trade networks to obtain them.

In O Bisonte, we understand art and creativity as basic and deep dimensions of the human experience, as ways for free soul, mind and body expression and communication, that also allow everyone to feel good. We like to link art to the Way of Santiago and to use it in our workshops. Besides, we contribute to keep it alive and show it to others the galician culture and keep the ethnographic heritage, always welcoming interculturality as well.

We have chosen to live in the countryside and in the Way of Santiago because we believe these are privileged spaces where humans can listen to their inner voice, recuperate good quality of human relations and take care also of the environment. Openning our door allows us to keep our Project alive and to share with you the renovation power of the Way, the nature and good healthy food and, finally, the magic and energy of Galicia, an enchanted country.

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